Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New things to do

Well, my resolution was to be posting more regularly, but in the past few weeks I haven't really had time or my head was so full of new information that my brain went on strike in the evenings. The reason for that is that I started school! Yes, I'm back to school and I'm training to become a dressmaker!

I'm very happy about this opportunity and about having the chance to learn a craft professionally. This is marking a new stage in my life and I'm very excited! Until now we've been practising different types of seams, been drawing with Freehand and learning about different kinds of materials. Soon we'll start preparing to sew some children's clothes.

As for the projects to accomplish at home, I'm currently working on a baby sweater for a couple we know. It's the Classic Baby Cardigan design by Debbie Bliss from the same magazine as the short-sleeved cardie. I found an FO picture here. I'm going to use the exact same yarn as suggested in the magazine, even the same colours. Boring, I know. But since I loved working with Baby Cashmerino so much while making the last baby project, I really wanted to knit with it again, and when I saw the colours in the shop I really fell for the blue and brown combination. The brown (colour 011) is a really rich dark chocolatey colour and the blue (colour 202) is more of a duck egg colour than sky blue. I'm actually already quite far along in the project, but since the WIP is not such an exciting sight I'm just giving you pictures of the yarns. Another reason for me to knit faster ...


Andrea said...

if you keep going with dresses like this, you can totally sew my wedding dress ;)

Felicia said...

Congratulations on going back to school! I could do with a sewing course myself :)