Friday, May 23, 2008

More girl clothes

Since it's so much fun making children's clothes (especially for girls, since you can go more overboard with them), I couldn't resist making some more stuff for my friend's daughter. The patterns are from OTTOBRE design 1/2008.


This is a raglan sleeve blouse/tunic with ruching around the neck, so in fact a tiny peasant top in a VERY loud fabric. I saw the fabric and just couldn't resist it. The colours are beautiful and fun and for something so small it totally works, I think. This top could look cute with a lot of basic clothes like denim overalls, for example. Here's a close up:

blouse detail

Well, you have every colour of the rainbow here. So finding something to match shouldn't be too difficult. The fabric tag said it's Dolce and Gabbana, so my friend's little girl will be the fashionista of the sandbox. ;-)

Then I also made a cute smock:

bandanna tunic

This is a cool layering piece. I used two grey bandannas (the colour is nicer in real life) and then the same pink and white striped fabric I used for the neck and sleeves of the blouse. The bandanna idea came from watching too much Sex and the City (is it around season 5 when Carrie wears all those cotton bandannas?). Look here for more bandanna clothing ideas for kids. Since the fabrics match, you can also wear the two pieces together:

tunic and blouse ensemble


gilda said...

i love that first top!! i think i would totally wear it too.

Eva said...

Thank you, Gilda! :-)

Rachel said...

Love the smock! My mom used to make things like that for me!