Sunday, April 27, 2008

tablecloth hooded vest

Last week I found this fun grandma-style tablecloth in my local thrift shop. I just knew I had to make something cheerful from it for my friend's little daughter. Since the tablecloth wasn't that big (around 1m x 1m, of course I forgot to take a "before"-picture ...) and the fabric relatively sturdy, I decided to make a vest:

vintage tablecloth hoodie front

Well, I think you can now imagine what kind of tablecloth it was even without the "before" picture. The really kitschy kind. I love how the vest came out. I used pattern number 5 from Ottobre's spring issue (1/2008). Though it will be still too big, I made a size 92, in order to make the most of the cloth and the flowery pattern, especially in the back.

vintage tablecloth hoodie back

The lining is a thin sweatshirt fabric in a nice pink and as to pattern alterations, I simply omitted the ruching detail. The vest is closed with press fasteners and again I struggled with them, A LOT. So I finally gave in and bought a fancy Prym Vario Plus Kit. It's an investment, but it's worth it in my opinion. I like the look and practicality of press fasteners, but I don't like ending up with crooked buttons and tears of desperation at those flimsy tools coming with the packs. And in crucial situations like that it's maybe also better to work with pliers than thrashing a hammer about ...

Well, I'm really happy with the vest, it's a bunch of flowers that can be worn all year round.


Rachel said...

What a wonderful idea! The fabric is perfect for a child. You're a talented sewer!

Felicia said...

Oh, its adorable!