Tuesday, March 11, 2008

quick T

This is one of the fastest projects I've made. I was participating in a how-to-use-a-serger course over the weekend and this boat neck T was my exercise project.

I still had lots of this very thin and slinky jersey left over, that I bought very cheaply from the remains department of the fabric store. (The colour in the flat surface pics is more true to the original.) Since the fabric is so thin and clingy, I thought this would be perfect for a pyjama T. Also, since it was from the beginning intended to be worn when sleeping, I didn't fuss too much with it. So for instance I skipped the interfacing on the neckline. The seams are sewn with a serger and the neckline and hems with a double needle on my own sewing machine. I think all in all it took me about 4 hours max to make this. I'm quite amazed! To top it off, I now have the pattern for a very nice boat neck that is not too wide and thus doesn't show any bra straps (if that's something you want to avoid). The body is a bit too wide for me for my taste, but just perfect for pyjamas. Which shows that also quick projects can be really satisfying (which can sometimes be a good thing to remember, since I like to fuss and then stress over the details a bit too much every so often).

I'm also currently working on a project that's going to take a lot more time and I'll try to post something about the process soon. It's quite an ambitious project and I'm very excited about it!


Felicia said...

It turned out fabulous :)

Rachel said...

I really like the T and the red dress from a few posts ago, too!