Wednesday, February 6, 2008

good little things

Look what I made! A mitten!

The reason for me being so excited about this is that this is the first item I attempted to knit with double pointed needles that I'm reasonably happy with. (The only thing annoying me a bit is the size of the hole between the thumb and palm. That probably can't be avoided entirely, but if anybody has a good way to keep it tiny, I'd love to hear about it!) I used a pattern in this book I got from the library and the yarn is one of two Regia sock yarn skeins my brother gave me for Christmas. Since I thought the colourway goes surprisingly well with my scarf, mittens seemed the perfect thing to make from it!

Also, I really have wanted some more lightweight ones than the pair I have for some time now. Well, there's nothing to do now than to knit the second one and hope there will be yarn enough for both of them!!!

I also made some simple small napkins from a fabric I got on sale for 2€/metre.

I really like the old-fashioned feel of the chequered fabric, and the colours are also really nice, so I'm really happy with them. I made 6 of them and it was fun to sew them, also for that price, I wasn't too afraid to screw something up. I got the instructions from Bend-the-Rules Sewing (again!) and used the size suggested there, but somehow I subconsciously decided to make square napkins. (Which is another way of saying when I realized I cut out squares I was beyond changing them ...) Anyway, they are cute and it is cool to have this kind of little everyday luxury like cloth napkins.

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