Saturday, October 27, 2007

playing around

Since sewing is put on hold for a while outside of my sewing courses I'll show you this:

I made this while the machine was still working, there's some sewing on paper, stamping, there are buttons, fabric and magazine clippings. Quite a lot going on here ... It was fun to make! I just was going with the flow.

My crocheting progress has been quite slow, hopefully I'll be able to show you the caps I'm making next week. Have a great weekend! :-)

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

involuntary sewing pause

My sewing machine's bobbin winder is broken and I am frustrated! I already ordered a new one and tried to exchange it, but it turned out that the new one doesn't work either, for some reason. Also I've been so eager to be sewing with a complete machine again that I overturned the screw and now there's no getting it out anymore! Oh the foolishness! Well, before I break the machine completely, I'll bring the poor thing to be repaired by more professional and careful hands than mine!

The frustration was going on yesterday, the sewing I was planning to do was slow and there was a lot of fighting with the machine, some earrings I just bought last week broke out of no account (will have to have those repaired, too ...), and the show I wanted to buy tickets as a present to was canceled altogether. Urgh!

But: I nearly got the little dress finished, just two buttons and buttonholes in the back missing! I think it looks really cute! It'll be most likely still much too big for the little girl it's meant for, but I think it's this kind of layering piece that can be worn all year round. I hope her mom will like it, too! (It's getting really dark here, so the pictures will be a bit dark as well for a while, I'm afraid. :-( You can get a better look at the fabric in the previous post.)

I also bought some more boyish fabric for the girl's brother, which I'd like to turn into a jacket. The dark one is dark blue velour fabric, very soft.

So, since there are no sewing courses this week and the home sewing has been put to a halt as well, I'll have to resort to true handicraft. Maybe quilting a bit? My quilt is patiently waiting to be finished. Or maybe crocheting some more? I've recently made a cap for a friend's birthday.

I used this pattern and altered it a bit, adding the earflaps and the flower. I also made a simple version in gray and am still thinking whether to decorate it in some way or not. When I've resolved that question I'll show you the results. I also started a simple navy and light blue striped beanie for my godson. I hope he'll like it! Will show you that, too, when it's finished. So, now I'm off to a machine sewing-free week. Let's see what'll come out of it!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Works in progress

It's been a while ... My sewing courses and a new (temp) job have been keeping me quite busy. But still I haven't got much to show for it, since I have so many projects in progress that I really haven't finished much/anything these days. So probably there will be one big "finished projects" post some time in the (hopefully not too far) future.

Here are some glimpses of two of my projects:

I made this using one of the stencils provided at the Ottobre design website. I want to make some nice totes out of these.

This is also from a pattern by Ottobre Design (from the 1/2002 magazine). It's going to be a little girl's dressy/aprony thingy. I think this one should be finished around next week. I'm so looking forward to seeing the result that it's hard not to fiddle around with it at home, but I want everything to be just perfect, so I prefer to wait and make it under supervision. After that I'll probably crank these out like mad, because I think the design is super-cute and also quite versatile ... But you'll see! ;-)

So, I hope I'll have some more stuff to show you next week!