Tuesday, October 16, 2007

involuntary sewing pause

My sewing machine's bobbin winder is broken and I am frustrated! I already ordered a new one and tried to exchange it, but it turned out that the new one doesn't work either, for some reason. Also I've been so eager to be sewing with a complete machine again that I overturned the screw and now there's no getting it out anymore! Oh the foolishness! Well, before I break the machine completely, I'll bring the poor thing to be repaired by more professional and careful hands than mine!

The frustration was going on yesterday, the sewing I was planning to do was slow and there was a lot of fighting with the machine, some earrings I just bought last week broke out of no account (will have to have those repaired, too ...), and the show I wanted to buy tickets as a present to was canceled altogether. Urgh!

But: I nearly got the little dress finished, just two buttons and buttonholes in the back missing! I think it looks really cute! It'll be most likely still much too big for the little girl it's meant for, but I think it's this kind of layering piece that can be worn all year round. I hope her mom will like it, too! (It's getting really dark here, so the pictures will be a bit dark as well for a while, I'm afraid. :-( You can get a better look at the fabric in the previous post.)

I also bought some more boyish fabric for the girl's brother, which I'd like to turn into a jacket. The dark one is dark blue velour fabric, very soft.

So, since there are no sewing courses this week and the home sewing has been put to a halt as well, I'll have to resort to true handicraft. Maybe quilting a bit? My quilt is patiently waiting to be finished. Or maybe crocheting some more? I've recently made a cap for a friend's birthday.

I used this pattern and altered it a bit, adding the earflaps and the flower. I also made a simple version in gray and am still thinking whether to decorate it in some way or not. When I've resolved that question I'll show you the results. I also started a simple navy and light blue striped beanie for my godson. I hope he'll like it! Will show you that, too, when it's finished. So, now I'm off to a machine sewing-free week. Let's see what'll come out of it!

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Anonymous said...

Hey!... I know this cap!!
My dear, as I said I was delighted to receive it... and I'm going to wear it soon, since here it getting cold by the day! Hope you're well, I'm still alive and kicking!! ;)