Thursday, August 9, 2007

Some things I've been working on

My first adult-size garment, if you don't count scarves, hats and socks ... It's the Short Sleeve Cardigan, pattern #19 from Vogue Knitting Spring/Summer 2007. I substituted the recommended yarn (which was not available here) with Rowan Calmer in shade #474. I had a look at the Rowan homepage and it seems to me like the colour is discontinued now. It's a really nice olive green, a bit stronger than on the picture. And I love working with the yarn. At first I had to get used to its elasticity, but now it's relaxed knitting and the resulting fabric is very nice, I think. And a top with a bit of stretch to it can't be bad, can it?

I've had some small trouble with the pattern, misreading it, forgetting rows and all other kinds of ribbing ... But now I've cast on the right front and hope that this plus the sleeves and the finishing will go relatively smoothly now.

The bag I've been writing about is nearly finished, I just have to sew the lining and attach the snap.

This sweater is for a friend's little guy, I gave it to her yesterday. The red thing on the front is supposed to be an "a", his initial. I used a pattern from this book. There was an English version of it at the library. It has some cute and timeless baby designs in it.

I've also been sewing something from this brilliant book. It's still a secret, since the result is on it's way to it's recipients. But when the package has arrived I'll share some pics.

I'll try to finish my WIPs first before starting something else, but I've already got my eyes on Tomten from Knitting Withoug Tears, among other ideas and daydreams of future projects. Also, I want to finally finish a small painting I've been working on ... Many plans, and hopefully lots to show you soon! :-)


Marisa said...

Your project so far is really pretty. I love the soft color you are using. Very subtle. Beautiful.

Eva (frostpatterns) said...

Thank you, Marisa! It seems I can finish it next week, I'm really excited to see how it turns out! I had a look at your blog. Sooo beautiful! Your quilts are great and really inspiring!

tlrissan said...

Moro Eva!
I like your blog very much - the quality of it really surprised me, fantastic work. I´ll read it all over and follow it in future (and also I thought of sendind the address to Annu-Riikka so tha she can check it out tooo, if that´s all right). In any case, thumbs up - you are very creative beautiful person!

tlrissan said...

and tlrissan is teemu... ;D