Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Since I discovered my love for make-up, lipstick has been ranking high on my list. It immediately transforms the face and gives it a fresher look. For me personally I prefer bolder colours, but sometimes I wear also toned down lipstick or none at all (especially if I'm wearing strong eye make-up). Here's a small tutorial how to apply lipstick like a pro:

First, put a bit of balm or lotion on your lips, and after some time rub them with a moist terry cloth or towel. This gets rid of chipped skin in a gentle way. Re-apply a bit of balm.

Then line only the lower lip with liner (mustn't be too dark!). Apply several layers of the lipstick you chose with a brush. In between layers blot the colour with a tissue to make it last longer. To further prolong your lip make-up's life-span you can apply a bit of compact powder with a sponge between layers.

When you're finished you can line the outer rim of your mouth with a tiny bit of foundation to emphasize your lips even further. You can also apply some concealer at the corners of your mouth to "lift" them and put a smile on your face. For extra glamour you can apply a bit of colourless gloss under the bow of your upper lip. To avoid lipstick transferring to your teeth put your index finger in your mouth, close the lips around it and turn a bit. The superfluous colour will stick to your finger now instead of your front teeth later!

One of my favourite lipsticks is L'Oréal Color Riche Star Secrets in 703 Andie Carmine. It's a beautiful red with a bit of shimmer, but not too strong, so you can wear it all day long without any fuss.

In this picture I used 710 Penélope Red from the same line. A great bold and creamy red.

Have fun wearing lipstick! :-)

Monday, August 20, 2007

Blue Teddy

The denim teddy is finished! I'm thinking about adding some personality by sewing some little patches on his body and head, though.

Also I did some bathroom decoration inspired by this great and beautiful book. It's only available in Finnish, I think, but the pictures inside alone are really inspiring. There are many fun and simple ideas to "tune" ("viritetty" means "tuned" ...) little things and areas of your home and wardrobe inside.

Well, adding some pics from magazines or whatever to your tiles with plastic book foil is quite a neat idea, I think. If you get tired of them you can remove them easily without leaving ugly holes in the bathroom walls.

Friday, August 17, 2007

some other little projects

Last fall I bought a trenchcoat that was quite cheap but keeps losing its buttons all the time. This is of course extremely annoying. So I thought that if I have to keep re-attaching the buttons all the time anyway, I'm going to do it properly and change the buttons completely. Yesterday I covered these buttons, since I love red and thought a little splash of colour wouldn't go amiss.

I think they look quite cute and can't wait to see how they'll look on the coat!

Also I'm doing this:

A nice way to use up those old ripped jeans and little scraps of blue fabric! I hope mine will be as cute as the ones in the magazine. The patterns and directions are from Suuri Käsityölehti 6-7 2003.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Some things I've been working on

My first adult-size garment, if you don't count scarves, hats and socks ... It's the Short Sleeve Cardigan, pattern #19 from Vogue Knitting Spring/Summer 2007. I substituted the recommended yarn (which was not available here) with Rowan Calmer in shade #474. I had a look at the Rowan homepage and it seems to me like the colour is discontinued now. It's a really nice olive green, a bit stronger than on the picture. And I love working with the yarn. At first I had to get used to its elasticity, but now it's relaxed knitting and the resulting fabric is very nice, I think. And a top with a bit of stretch to it can't be bad, can it?

I've had some small trouble with the pattern, misreading it, forgetting rows and all other kinds of ribbing ... But now I've cast on the right front and hope that this plus the sleeves and the finishing will go relatively smoothly now.

The bag I've been writing about is nearly finished, I just have to sew the lining and attach the snap.

This sweater is for a friend's little guy, I gave it to her yesterday. The red thing on the front is supposed to be an "a", his initial. I used a pattern from this book. There was an English version of it at the library. It has some cute and timeless baby designs in it.

I've also been sewing something from this brilliant book. It's still a secret, since the result is on it's way to it's recipients. But when the package has arrived I'll share some pics.

I'll try to finish my WIPs first before starting something else, but I've already got my eyes on Tomten from Knitting Withoug Tears, among other ideas and daydreams of future projects. Also, I want to finally finish a small painting I've been working on ... Many plans, and hopefully lots to show you soon! :-)

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Blueberry time!

AAAaaah! I love blueberries! And this mix with buttermilk is just perfect! The book in the background saying "Hyvä Kokki" (Good Cook), can only mean one thing: being a good cook is easy! Just get yourself some blueberries and mix them with buttermilk, grab a spoon and voilà! ;-) :-)

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Summer break

Well, there has been quite a long summer absence here ... But during that time the little gray cells have been working at some ideas for some things I'd like to make and try out. So, I hope there will be some nice things to see here soon to make up for the long silence! :-)