Friday, March 23, 2007

Friendship Market

Yesterday I went to the Marimekko outlet store for their "ystävyysmarkkinat" (~ "Friendship Market"), which is just another word for warehouse sale. I was expecting all kinds of craziness and bruises, but was pleasantly surprised. The store was big and the sale very well organized. There were plenty of changing rooms, security guys and shop assistants keeping the chaos under control and the panic at bay. There were many things on offer and quite a lot of gems to be found.

I got these small napkins to go with a spring surprise package for my grandma and some other little things I'll gradually post to my Flickr page. Apart from the small journey I had to make to get to the store, it was all a stunningly relaxed experience (and the journey really is not that far, either). The sale is still going on till tomorrow in the outlet as well as the other Marimekko stores. I'll let you know if I will have been tempted to sneak another peek. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Hey! So, I'm the first one to comment on your page... cool! Anyaway, let's comment on Marimekko... sounds interesting! Really, it's a pity this sales aren't still there until I come to Finland... but at least you have to take me to see these kind of stores!


frostpatterns said...

Hello! Great! The first comment! :-) Maybe you should get a small prize for that!!! Let's see ... ;-) Yes, I was thinking about you as well, when I went there. Probably (hopefully) they'll also have some things reduced when you're here! Anyway, I'm looking forward to haunting the stores with you! :-)