Monday, March 26, 2007

Flowers on concrete

Above is another thing that makes me feel like spring, and has done so for some time already.

If possible, this was even more beautiful during the colder and darker part of this year.

It is an installation called Eeden II by Kaisa Salmi. In the middle of the city centre in between the shopping centres and surrounded by concrete it puts a smile on your face, especially on rainy days. :-) Here is a great picture of it from further away.


Anonymous said...

Wow! That's beautiful... quite poetic I dare say! It must evocate the sun when there but a little...


frostpatterns said...

Yes, I think so, too. It really has something almost "unreal" about it. The picture I linked to captures the feeling really well, I think. Especially since it was taken on a rainy day!

Anonymous said...

Hello Eisblumen,

especially nice is the headline
Päästä sisään, täällä sataa
so many ä´s in one line.
we like your picture, especially the Stilleben on your flickr. page
G. likes the napkins a lot (and the teacandle holders..;-)

here´s to DSL


frostpatterns said...

Hello MEGA j.!

I'm glad you like the pictures! "Päästä sisään, täällä sataa" means: "Let me in, it's raining here". Hopefully, we'll be in contact like this more regularly!

All the best, E. :-)