Monday, July 28, 2014

some summer sewing

briar rose hat

Some little summer sewing has been happening ... I made this sun hat for V. some weeks ago, it's from a free pattern on the Ottobre Design website. (Thank you again Franziska for the tip! :-)) I could only find the pattern in Finnish and German, not English, but I think it's relatively straightforward to sew if you have some experience. You only have to remember adding seam allowances to the patterns and some lightweight interfacing to the brim of the hat. Also, if you have a directional print, I think it's nice to place the direction of the print upside down on the underside of the brim so it will be right side up once you flip up the brim. (I didn't do that with V.'s hat and I'm a bit annoyed by it, so now you're warned. ;-))

sun hat

I made another one for our godson, but I had to recruit the singing dog to model that one. Maybe V. was sensing that the hat wasn't intended for her ... ;-)

sun hat

I think it's a nice and practical design that works for both little boys and girls!

jersey shorts

V. needed some shorts, so I made two pairs of what just might be the quickest to make shorts ever, at least with a serger that won't give you too much grief. The material is jersey and the waistband ribbing (without the addition of an elastic band), there are no side seams and the legs are finished with a rolled hem. I decided to make two nearly identical ones, because then I didn't feel like lingering too much on fabric choices.

briar rose interlock shorts

I like how they turned out and the Briar Rose knit has been holding up well in the wash, too. I hope there will be knits for the Windham re-release of Far Far Away as well, since these knits are so nice and those snails and frogs would be so cute for kids' clothing!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

a quick no-sew project including fabric

... is sometimes just what one needs, right?

frame prettied up

I took some handprints of V. and had this Ikea frame lying around and thought it would be perfect for showcasing it. When I put the print in the frame it looked really bland and boring, though, and the green didn't really pop against the white as I had imagined. So I got the idea to add some fabric to the inner sides of the frame to add some colour and contrast.

frame prettied up

I simply measured the inner sides, cut the fabric with the rotary cutter and glued it to the frame with a common glue stick. For now it lasts ... ;-) And I think it will, since this Liberty Tana Lawn is so light, I think it won't fall off, and if it does it's easy to add a bit more glue.

frame prettied up

I'm sure I'm not the first and only person to get this idea, but I'm really happy with how this turned out and it was just such a quick, fun and satisfying little project! It feels great to "finish" something pretty in about 10 minutes!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Pretty as a Picture Dress

Pretty as a Picture Dress

This dress from Handmade Beginnings has been on my list for a long time. I bought some of this Pastry Line Dobby Dot fabric back in 2010 (I think ...) and in my opinion it is just so beautiful. I'm a bit sad I didn't buy enough to make something for myself, but I still have some bits that hopefully will become some more clothes for V. at some point!

Pretty as a Picture Dress

Because of the fabric choice and placement this dress looks a lot like the one in the book, which I really like. I think the stripes laid out in different directions is a really fun detail! The back is especially pretty with the elastic waistband ruching.

Pretty as a Picture Dress

For the feature panels I chose to use a set of two handkerchiefs my great-grandmother gave me when I was a girl. I thought this was a good way to rescue them from a life spent in the back of the closet and turn them into something even more meaningful.

Pretty as a Picture Dress

Pretty as a Picture Dress

By the way, now I've made each of the projects in the "Baby" chapter in Handmade Beginnings at least once! I think so far it has been my most-used craft book!

Pretty as a Picture Dress

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Little Pearl Birthday Dress

little pearl dress

This is the little dress I made for V.'s birthday. I'm so glad I was able to finish it in time, it's so cute and suits her so well! It's the Little Pearl Dress from Liberty Love.

dress detail

It was quite simple to sew and I love all the little details like the ribbon and the buttons that give a big impact without being complicated to execute.


The buttoned back is so pretty and cute, I think, and goes so well with the classic and retro feel of this dress.

dress back
 It's nice to have this little dress as a special keepsake of V.'s first birthday celebration. We had such a great day and she was enjoying herself very much.

napkin blooms

I simply had to make some of these Wallflowers. They turned out so pretty!


Another thing that can't be missing at a Finnish celebration is voileipäkakku or sandwich cake. It is basically sandwiches made into what looks like a cake ... yes, a bit tacky ... and delicious! I really like making it, mostly because the decorating part is such fun and all the rest really simple. The fillings in this one are prosciutto, red pesto, tomato flavoured cream cheese and goat's milk cream cheese.

Next on my sewing list: more dresses for V.! (There are just too many cute designs out there that I would like to make!)

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

some machine embroidery and FMQ

Last week the theme of the patchwork course I'm taking was quilting and I finally had the courage and motivation to try some machine embroidery and Free Motion Quilting. It was such fun to try out a technique I was afraid of for so long and see that it's like with any other crafty thing: you just need to try it and practise!

I was really inspired by the possibilities of the machine embroidery in particular. For some time now I've been wanting to draw a bit more again, but haven't been feeling too inspired. This could be a fun way to mix things up.

We were having a beautiful day when I was making this, so I stitched some little flowers, leaves and a little butterfly.

For my FMQ project I cut into my piece of the Loulouthi Summer Totem print I've been hoarding. (One of my coursemates was a bit horrified that I was able to cut into it ...) I'm planning on quilting it and then turning it into a big rectangular cushion cover. It's fun to practise my stitching on this lovely piece of fabric and the pattern is so beautiful in itself that I think my less than perfect stitching won't be too noticeable in the finished product.

I hope I'll be able to finish this soon, this lovely fabric is perfect for Spring!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

three-piece girly outfit

This little outfit was already finished in December, but I only now got some half-decent pictures taken. The patterns are all from Ottobre Design 1/2008 (a lot of cute patterns in that one, by the way). I've made versions of the tunic and blouse before. You can see them here.

This time, I cut some corners by using one of J.'s old shirts for the blouse and keeping the button placket intact so I didn't have to sew one myself. I think it works well and making the blouse this way was quite fast!

At first, I had planned to keep the original buttons, but it was a bit bland with simple white buttons and when I found these cute flower ones, I changed them.

For the tunic I chose this gorgeous print from Loulouthi (I used the same print for the blouse trimmings as you can see).

The hem and string closure are a Kona solid cotton, I'm almost sure it's Lagoon ...

I used the same solid for the trouser belt facing and the main fabric is a fine wale corduroy with tiny hearts on it.

Here you can see them a bit better. So cute!

I made another simple tunic around the same time. I followed a pattern I made myself for my niece some time ago (you can see that first version here).

This time I chose this fun print from Put a Lid on It from Michael Miller fabrics, which I think is so pretty and am glad that I've finally put it to use. I decided not to add a pocket or a contrast hem for this one, because I wanted the fabric to shine by itself. I used pink bias binding, because like that this tunic coordinates with a lot of clothes V. already had.

I still love those simple white buttons! :-) At the moment, I'm planning on sewing a little dress for V.'s first birthday, which will be quite soon!!! I think I will make one using the Little Pearl Dress pattern from Liberty Love. I already bought some grosgrain ribbon and some little buttons and I already had some of that eyelet cotton and a piece of that lovely Liberty print. I hope I'll get around to actually sew it in time!

I'll keep you posted!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

beary cute hoodie and sweatpants set

I made this little set for V. some time ago. The fabric was so irresistibly cute and cozy, I had to buy some of it. I bought it here in Helsinki and unfortunately have no info about the manufacturer. Both patterns are from Ottobre Design magazines, the hoodie from 3/2009 and the sweatpants from 4/2011. I chose the hoodie pattern because of the asymmetric front. I wanted something a bit special, but not too busy to take away too much attention from the print.

I like this kind of pattern for babies, the wide and foldable rib in the waist and at the legs gives the trousers some room for growth.

This knit is quite bulky and I broke one double needle when sewing the hem. Since I didn't want to break another, I used a stronger single needle and decided to zigzag the hem, arm openings and the rib on the front of the hoodie. I really like the way it looks and I think it's a good solution for a problem like this. The seams are still stretchy this way and it is actually a fun feature for a children's item.

I had some of these simple snaps for the front at hand, and I think they are perfect here.

And the inside of the fabric is so snuggly!

Most of the time we use the items seperately. That's quite a lot of bears to pull off! ;-)